There are several reasons procedures are not performed under full anesthesia. The industry has expanded by offering procedures such as liposuction (Tumescent Liposuction ) to be performed while still awake. However these have proven to be very painful during the Lidocaine numbing process and beyond.

The Aspen Multi-Energy System's Stimulizer™ creates a alternate experience for the patient.  The Stimulizer™ AKA External Epidural is applied around the area you are working in. This allows for blocking of A and C  pain fibers, a counter sensation that blocks pain transmission. Most patients experience a semi to complete painless procedure. This in turn allows  the procedure to be completed quicker, more effectively, and increasing the likeliness of patient returning for further treatments.

Example Pain Blocking Uses:
  • Tumescent Liposuction
  • Any Surgical procedure patient is awake for under local anesthesia