What is the Aspen System™?

The Aspen System is a US patented treatment technique and technology exclusive to licensed Aspen Centers only that addresses issues after Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Facelift, and Tummy Tuck.


Is there a research to support The Aspen Therapy Program?

Yes, please Click Here to download Research.


How is this Treatment different than others?

The Aspen Treatment and its Technology were designed by clinicians educated and specialized in Plastic Surgery and has been awarded a US Patent.  The Aspen System is a multi-treatment tool used to address Breast, Tummy, Lipo, and Face issues that other medical professionals (Aestheticians, RN's, Physical or Massage Therapists, Chiropractors)  have no training in, either professionally or continuing education wise due to its unique design.  The Aspen Treatment has been studied, researched, and developed through years of international study and has been recently awarded clearance for an FDA study that will show not only efficacy but safety to the patient.
Click here to read more about FDA Study.


How long does it take for a patient to see a result?

Immediately. Results are seen on 1st Treatment. Aspen results are then progressively  seen and continues on average over 5 to 10 remaining sessions.


Can Aspen be used right after surgery to prevent complications?

Yes. This is a signature Aspen feature where Breast, Tummy, Lipo, and Face can be treated post-op for edema, pain, scar tissue prevention, Lipo contour irregularity, and most notably Implants that are prone to re-encapsulate (Capsular Contracture)  and become high, hard, or asymmetrical.


Why ASPEN and not surgery?

Patients almost always choose inexpensive non-surgical options over expensive risky surgical options when given a choice. Surgical revision comes with a statisticallly high re-occurence rate while the Aspen Treatment has a 90% success rate for qualified patients. The Aspen treatment can be rendered by clinical staff deriving the surgeon income while helping the surgeon avoid unnecessary expense of reduced or free revision.