Aspen Breast Therapy

The Aspen Multi-Energy System™ & Therapy Program is the only Non-Surgical therapeutic-based solution for helping patients with:

  1. Capsular Contracture
  2. Breast Implant asymmetry, high, hard, and pain syndromes

"Now your patients can have soft, shapely & symmetrical breast without Surgery"


Aspen Body Therapy

The Aspen Multi-Energy System™ & Therapy Program is the perfect  solution to help speed up the healing process after surgical procedures of the body:

Tummy Tucks: Helps improve the look of the external scar and relieves the feeling of internal tightness shortly after surgery.

Liposuction: Helps smooth out waviness and irregularities due to firmness and scar tissue after liposuction procedures as well as making the procedure more comfortable and painless.

Body Lifts: Improves the healing process reducing scar tissue tightness and fluid build-up that can cause pain after surgery.

" The Aspen Body Therapy helps patients enjoy their new & improved body sooner"


Aspen Face Therapy

The Aspen Multi-Energy System™ can expedite patient’s overall looks and recovery after facial procedures:

  • Stimulates wound healing and closure
  • Non-Invasive and pain-free therapy
  • LED Light spectrum helps improve circulation, wash away bruising, and increase collagen production.
  • Nerve regeneration after motor or sensory loss

"The Aspen Face Therapy helps your patient to recover quicker after facial procedures."



Aspen Medi-Spa Therapy

The Aspen Multi-Energy System™ can take the pain away from your Medi-Spa Procedures  blocking  the pain & providing an epidural effect using electrical anesthesia.

"The Aspen Medi-Spa Therapy can improve your patient's care."